Beware Bogus Tax Refunds

It’s the new year and fraudsters are actively trying to dupe people into believing they are due a tax refund.

The fraudsters send an email saying, for example, ’We have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of £218.34 GBP. Please click on this link to submit your tax refund request. This must be actioned with five working days from receipt to ensure payment.’ Clicking on the link will usually take the recipient to a fake website where personal and banking details are requested with the intention of stealing the contents of the recipients account.

The scammers use ever more convincing websites and email addresses, for example, or and even the fake HMRC website looks genuine with logo, references and an official address.

Please be aware that HMRC never contacts customers who are due a refund by email or phone, always a letter by post. Nor do they use agents to undertake this work. In summary, if you receive one of these emails it is FAKE, do not click on the links and delete. Incidents can also be reported to for further investigation.

More details about scams and how to avoid them at Action Fraud.


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