Beware Right Turn into Lidl, Hornchurch

Anyone visiting the recently opened Lidl Store in Hornchurch High Street by car should be aware that a right-turn into the store is prohibited and carries a £130 Penalty Change Notice.

Whilst the measure is designed to mitigate against congestion in the High Street, the signage and alternative route is not immediately obvious to many. Since the live introduction of the ‘no right turn’ on 25th May, 701 PCNs have been issued via the camera mounted device.


  1. This is so true if there is a large vehicle in front of you, you can neither see sign. which is not before the turn, and the sign on the road

  2. Isn’t the signage too far past the turn ? Shouldn’t it be “In advance of” and not level with ?

  3. Another money making scheme! 😡

  4. Think it’s ridiculous. The bingo hall didn’t have any restrictions. I don’t go there for this reason.

    • The bingo hall wasn’t open during the day so didn’t cause a traffic problem the reason for the restriction is to prevent this. Makes sense to me

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