Green Waste Bins – Have you had your Sticker?

There have been a number of complaints in the area that, despite paying for the Green Waste collection service within the requested time, some households are yet to receive a sticker to apply to the bin which permits collection /emptying by the operatives. In fact, one resident had paid in March and still had no sticker, but on collection day this week the operatives put a sticker on his bin saying that the bin would not be emptied because there was no sticker!!

If anyone else is similarly affected, could you please contact your local councillor or reply to myself at and we can co-ordinate a response from the Council.

  1. We havnt received a sticker.

  2. Paid for bin and was not emptied on Thursday as we had no sticker. Have emailed council but not heard back. Do we get a refund for a missed month?!!

    • If you log your missed collection before 12pm the next day on the council portal website they arrange to collect within the next couple of working days.

      • Thanks for the helpful information. I suppose the issue here is those who have paid for a green waste service only to be told they haven’t paid and haven’t had their bin emptied.

  3. I have had to contact the council over missed green bin collections several times ( pre sticker) and have had a ‘resolved’ message the next day. It never is, I have had to repeatedly contact them to demand they provde the service we pay for. It’s got very expensive, am I recalling correctly that a bin was £35 two years ago and now it’s £55. And in reality it’s not a full year as barely used in winter.

  4. I paid in March too. Two weeks ago got the notice I needed it on my full green bin but got my sticker 5 days later. Not happy I paid and got treated like a non payer or like a criminal for putting it out with a sticker I knew nothing about. No lattter before hand to say they was going to do this.
    I’m in Harold Hill

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