Half of Eligible Couples Don’t Claim Married Tax Allowance!

In these times of austerity, it is quite surprising that half of all couples entitled to the married tax allowance are missing out on £230 per year. Since the introduction of the allowance in April 2015, only 2.2million of the 4.4million couples eligible have claimed the extra cash. You will be entitled to claim the allowance if; a) you are married or in a civil partnership; b) One partner is a non-taxpayer (ie earning less than £11,500pa); c) the other partner is paying tax at the basic rate of 20% (earners over £45,000pa are not eligible). If eligible, the partner who doesn’t use their full personal tax allowance (£11,500pa) can transfer 10% (£1,150) of the allowance to their partner, so saving £230 per year!

Further information and how to claim can be found HERE .

Cllr Clarence Barrett



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