Missed Green Waste Collections & No Stickers – Update

Many residents have been in touch with us regarding the non-collection of green waste. This is despite paying for the service within the requested period but not receiving a sticker to apply to the bin which shows the operatives that the bin is to be emptied. In fact, residents who had paid in good faith not only missed their collection, but received a note from the operatives saying they hadn’t paid and would therefore not have their bin emptied!
I have been in touch with the Council on several occasions over the last few days and I understand there is some issue with the supplier who is meant to send out the stickers. However, while this is now being rectified by the Council, your green waste may still be uncollected. If you are affected may I suggest you call 01708 431717 and you will get through to a person on the Green Waste team who will make sure your green waste is collected and records updated.
Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.
Cllr Clarence Barrett
  1. I still have not received a sticker and have telephoned several times.

    • Debbie, the Council are now fully aware of the problem. Although they are still working out who hasn’t received a sticker, that should have, I would just suggest trying that direct number 01708 431717 again.

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