Watch Out for World Cup Scammers

With millions of soccer fans across the globe expecting to be enthralled by the World Cup, so too will fraudsters see it as an opportunity to dupe unwitting fans out of their hard-earned cash.

There will be billions of viewers glued to their TVs, laptops and mobile devices to watch the action unfold and it will be inevitable that many fans will search for streaming sources outside of the official broadcast partners – and this is where the fraudsters home in on unsuspecting viewers to gain personal information, bank details or release viruses into systems. Here are some tips to keep you ‘cyber safe’ –

  • Watch out for bogus ‘World Cup’ websites which offer a whole range of services and goods, for example the genuine website may be copied by a fraudster as – using an ‘O’ instead of a zero in 2018
  • Be wary of any software you allow to run on your phone or device that asks for permissions you aren’t familiar with
  • Be suspicious of any so-called streaming services which asks you to install software in order to watch a live match, this is not something that would be needed from an official site as the necessary technology no longer requires downloads
  • Keep your virus software up to date and use antivirus software that automatically alerts you to suspicious emails
  • Be very suspicious of lottery or competition organisers claiming that you’ve won a prize or cash related to the tournament. There have been many reports of emails stating that your email address was randomly chosen as the winner from a pool of 500,000 email addresses via “e-sorting balloting”.  The message urges you to contact your “fund processing manager” to arrange the release of your prize money. Of course, this entails the victim being repeatedly asked to send a release/processing fees which has nothing to do with winning anything but everything to do with losing money to the fraudsters.

The World Cup is sure to be a fantastic feast of fabulous football, but don’t let the fraudsters win – leave that to the football teams!

To report fraud call ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040. To find out more about scams and how to spot them, please visit

Cllr Clarence Barrett

Friends Against Scams ‘Scambassador’

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