We Are FSTVL Feedback Meeting

The organisers of the We Are FSTVL 2018 event are holding a public feedback meeting on 17th July (7:30pm) at the Derham Hall  (behind Upminster Library), St Laurence Church, Corbets Tey Rd, RM14 2BB. All welcome.

  1. Well organised no problems seen or any unsociable behaviour observed.
    I do think the Stewart’s did a good job – needed to be issued with more water as the weather was so hot.
    No complaints from 34 Meadowside Road

  2. Hi can you confirm location as above you have stated 2 locations. Is it roope hall Trinty church or one of the halls behind upminster libary at st Laurence church.

    • Apologies, that should be Derham Hall which is behind Upminster Library. Have amended on the website.

  3. This event improves each year. The organisation and planning is outstanding. The atmosphere in Upminster is buzzing, I personally look forward to the festival even though I do not attend (a bit too old) just for the ‘feel good’ factor that it generates! Well done to all of those involved – keep up the good work.

  4. Why is this festival held in a residential area? We are about a mile away and can hear the music to the extent that we have to shut doors and windows. I’m all for people enjoying a musical event but not at the expense of local people. Just keep the noise to a reasonable level and everyone will be content!!!

  5. It’s only one weekend of the year. I can hear the music at Hacton Lane and it doesn’t bother us. It’s 3 days.

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