1,000+ Plus support Pensioners Xmas Bonus Petition

A petition to increase the Pensioners Christmas Bonus, which has stayed at £10 since its introduction in 1972, has exceeded 1,000 signatures.

The bonus was first introduced at a respectable £10, enough for a good Christmas family dinner. However, 46 years on and it is still £10, enough for half a chicken, a few potatoes and a splash of gravy.

If the bonus were index linked to inflation, it would be worth a very respectable £128 today. While any contribution is of course welcome, surely it is time to increase the bonus to at least £25 and start linking the payment to inflation.

The very least would be to link it to inflation or roll it into general pension payments.

The petition can be viewed and signed at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/234288

Cllr Clarence Barrett

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