17th Century Dury Falls Care Home for Sale

dury falls5duryrReaders may have noticed that the Dury Falls Care Home is now up for sale. The 17th Century building, located at the junction of Wingletye Lane and Upminster Road, is on the market for £1.1m. Built in 1595 and set in 0.3 of an acre, the building is grade II listed. Following restoration in 1972, it was established as a private Residential Care Home for the elderly.

There has been much speculation as to the origins of the name ‘Dury Falls’. However, a clue lies in the 16th Century Parish Register where a prominent local family called the Durifalls resided in the said property and after whom the Care Home and estate is named.

  1. Can we be sure the building will not be knocked down?

    • As it is a grade II listed building there is considerable protection. It would be very rare to give permission for a listed building to be demolished. As a guide it would have to satisfy, as a minimum, a strict criteria, for example:
      • That extensive efforts have been made to find new uses, or re-introduce original uses into the building, and that this has been unsuccessful.
      • That no charitable or community ownership of the building is achievable or suitable, which could secure the future of the building.
      • That redevelopment of the building plot would have benefits to the community which would substantially outweigh the loss to the community due to the demolition of the building.
      • That enabling development which was sympathetic to the character, setting and potential uses of the building, which could facilitate its retention was not practical or achievable.
      • That any replacement development should be of the highest quality, and be of a design sympathetic to the site and setting of the retained buildings.

  2. By rights, it shouldn’t be demolished, as it enjoys listed status.

  3. As many of us remember, Boyd Hall was burned down enabling a highly dense building project to be completed on the site. Apparently this arson was committed by hooligans.

    Who will be responsible for protecting the Dury Falls house in order to avoid a repeat of this travesty?

  4. Does anyone know the name of the company which undertook the recent restoration work of the Drury Falls house esp. the roof and brickwork, as I am seeking to find a suitable company to renovate the roof of my cottage in Upminster.

    • Dear Mr Campbell,

      If you wish to know the company concerned I would suggest searching the Council’s Planning Website via http://www.havering.gov.uk/planning and looking for the subsequent planning application. The developer may be shown on the planning application form.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  5. Good Afternoon Mr Campbell.

    It could be local company Haverbridge

    William Law

  6. Many thanks to Cllr John Tyler and William Law for their help so far in finding a suitable contractor for the refurbishment of my cottage

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