27% of Parking Appeals Allowed!

Following a question put to Havering Full Council last week by Cllr Clarence Barrett (Cranham, RA), it has emerged that of the 28,253 appeals lodged against parking tickets last year, more than 7,700 tickets were cancelled by the Council – a cancellation rate of 27 per cent!

Given the high rate of cancellations, it also emerged that of the last 100 successful appeals to the Traffic Adjudicator (these are appeals which have been refused by the council and referred on to an independent adjudicator), 47, nearly half, were not even contested by the Council.

Cllr Barrett said his concerns were further heightened when looking at one of the successful appeals on the London Tribunal website which related to turning right out of B&Q at Gallows Corner, where the adjudicator commented –

‘I find that the Penalty Charge Notice served is misleading, inaccurate and confusing, particularly as it refers to two different time frames for the availability of the reduced charge. The departure from the legislation is too great for the PCN to stand.’

Cllr Barrett continued: “Receiving a parking ticket is stressful enough for anyone and there is, of course, a need for enforcement but we need to be confident that Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued accurately and fairly in the first place. The cost and stress of issuing so many tickets in error is not acceptable.”

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