Green Belt Planning Application

Proposed site with Greyhound track visible

A planning application (P1915.17) to convert kennels and outbuildings at the former greyhound track, Ockendon Kennels, Ockendon Road, North Ockendon RM14 3PT and build 17 new dwellings has been lodged with the Council.

Two previous applications have been made at the same location, in 2013 and 2015, but both were refused by the Council and subsequently dismissed on appeal by the Planning Inspector on the grounds of height of the proposed buildings, the intensity of the proposal’s layout the extent of development compared to the existing built development and the significant adverse impact on the openness of the Green Belt.

To view the application, plans and to lodge a comment please visit P1915.17.

  1. No there should be no building on green belt anywhere in the borough

  2. Green belt means it should not be built on.

  3. the whole point of having green belt areas means that we keep some of our countryside

  4. Green belt should be green belt. This should not be authorised.

  5. It’s hardly a beautiful piece of greenbelt land. How about some nice detached bungalows if the height is a problem.

  6. Its green belt stop building on them

  7. In a market driven system, all open land is a potential for making money.Destructionn of our greenbelt and green spaces is a form of short termism which will have bad environmental consequences for our grandchildren. As all open land is seen as a “land bank”, because of rising demand, a system of gradual erosion will be acceptable to landowners and developers.Lack of public awareness is also advantageous to these marketeers.

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