A127 Congestion Charge to Tackle Air Pollution?

With the issue of air pollution becoming more and more critical, the Government have ordered Basildon and Richford Councils to consider introducing a congestion charge on parts of the A127 to tackle illegal levels of air pollution.

The measure would affect two stretches of the A127 (not the whole length), in Basildon near the Fortune of War Roundabout and in Rochford between Rayleigh Weir and Daws Heath Road.

Unless the respective councils can come up with an alternative that is ’at least as effective’, the Government has told them that they ’must consider’ imposing a congestion charge.

The directive has been handed down by the Joint Air Quality Unit – an organisation set up by DEFRA and the Department for Transport, which will ’closely monitor’ local authorities with areas of illegal pollution. The two councils have also been given a £50,000 grant to carry out the monitoring and to take appropriate action.

From the editor:

Would a congestion charge work?

Would it just push traffic into nearby residential streets?

What measures would you like to see to combat air pollution?

Cllr Clarence Barrett


  1. I use the A127 I WILL NOT pay a charge but I will drive through residential streets to avoid your joke of a tax.
    And also in the future I will never shop in Basildon again so through this stupid idea you will have pushed traffic through residential streets and turned Basildon town centre into an even more deprived area as more shops will close due to people and the cars they drive being driven away from the area.

  2. Yes, all it will do is move the pollution to a more residential area and disrupt the journey so it takes longer – therefore more pollution!

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