Aldi Car Park to Open for Longer

Aldi Car Park, Gaynes Road

As from January 8th, the Aldi Car Park in Gaynes Road will align its opening times with that of the Aldi store. The new hours will be Monday to Sunday 7:30am to 10:30pm (currently 7:30am to 8:30pm) and the current car parking tariff will continue, including the free 30 minutes, up to a maximum period of 3 hours, and free after 6pm.

Cllr Linda Hawthorn (Upminster RA), who has been at the forefront in seeking the changes, said: “The revised operating hours have come about following a number of requests from residents and due regard to a period of consultation, in which there were no objections. As such, I am pleased to say that, with effect from 8th January, the opening times will align with Aldi’s operating hours while the extended hours will provide additional parking capacity for visitors to the town centre in the evening.”

The Traffic & Parking Control Team will shortly be displaying some notices which will advise customers of the imminent changes and to assist should they be required to organise alternative long stay parking arrangements. Permanent Signage/tariff boards will also be amended and in place by Monday 8th January 2018.

  1. This is a joke. Aldi’s charge £1.60 to park and shop and you DO NOT get refund at tills

    • Dear Debra,

      The car park is leased by Aldi but is still owned by the council. It is the council who set the tariffs and receive all of the money taken from the parking charges.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

    • I think this is terrible. I went there on saturday and generally i can go in and out of Aldi and be finish my shopping within half an hour. I realised that no refunds were given at the till so i decided to go to another aldi on the a12

  2. So the council is being paid twice, by Aldi to lease the car park and by anyone paying to park there!
    If you use the car park to shop at Aldi you should get a refund at the till on production of a refund section of the parking ticket, as happens in many supermarkets.
    Rip off Havering!

  3. I cannot agree more… This is absolute broad day light robbery… As if we have money trees growing in our living room…

  4. The car parking charges at Council/Aldi car park in Upminster are disgraceful especially at this critical time caused by the Covid-19. I am 78 years of age and I pay the Council a lot of money in Council Tax so why should I pay them even more money. Whats the point in shopping at Aldi instead of other stores in order to save money when I have to pay car parking fees – pointless.

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