Beware Bogus Cold Callers!

Unfortunately a local vulnerable person has been tricked into letting a conman into her home.

On Saturday, the resident returned from shopping, tired and needing a sit down due to disability and age. The doorbell rang and the resident turned around and opened the door to a man claiming there was a gas leak and he needed to turn the gas off at the boiler. Being caught off guard she let him in. He then claimed he needed to check the radiators in each room and, due to the residents mobility, she could not keep up with him as he moved around the house. It was only when he had gone that she realised all the doors were open and things were missing, including bag with cards and money.

Please, please, please make vulnerable people aware that they should not let anyone enter their property other than family, friends and expected visitors. Get them to close the door and ring the company they claim to be from to confirm legitimacy or get a family member or friend to come around.

Some useful and helpful advice can be accessed at age uk


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