Beware – No Free Parking on Bank Holiday

Residents are warned that, in Havering, bank holidays are treated the same as any other working day as far as parking enforcement is concerned.

Leader of the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association Group, Cllr Clarence Barrett,  said: “I would urge motorists not to assume a relaxation of parking restrictions on a bank holiday in this borough and to read the signs, however small, that should be in place. Nowadays there is little that separates a bank holiday from a Sunday and I believe that, like many other councils, the restrictions should be harmonised to Sundays. This would bring about a greater degree of clarity and end the confusion and distress that can often arise when parking tickets are issued to unsuspecting motorists.”

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  1. Of course they should make bank holidays have the same lack of restrictions as Sundays. Of course, what will happen, in the lust to make more money out of the motorist, they will make Sundays the same as workdays, with the spin ‘Yes, we’ve harmonised them in accordance with public wishes.’

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