Beware of scam texts

The number of different ways that fraudsters try to con people out of money or personal information, increases all of the time. Whilst we could not hope to list all of them, one that has been in circulation lately involves the potential victim receiving an SMS message on their mobile phone, purporting to come from Royal Mail. The message says that a parcel is due for delivery and a fee must be paid otherwise the parcel will be returned to sender. The message contains a link, in order to pay the fee.

Royal Mail have confirmed that this is a scam, and that if someone clicks the link they are likely to be taken to a realistic looking website, where they will be asked to give private information, including bank details.

As always, please be vigilant to all types of scams. For further information on the most common types of fraud, or if you have (or think you may have) been the victim of fraud, you should report it on the Action Fraud website or by ringing 0300 123 2040.

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