Black and orange sack waste analysis

The London Borough of Havering has for many years been a member of the East London Waste Authority (ELWA). At various times, ELWA conduct analysis of waste composition, to establish what types and how much of different types of waste are being put in our black waste and orange recycling bags.

We have been informed that the latest ELWA composition analysis took place on Thursday 10 June 21 in the following roads in Cranham and Upminster –

  • Ashburnham Gardens
  • Engayne Gardens
  • Grosvenor Gardens
  • Highview Gardens

Residents were not notified in advance, as this can have the effect of influencing behaviours, rather than providing a typical snapshot, which is what the activity aims to achieve.

Havering Council have reiterated the following points –

  • All staff involved carry a letter of consent from Havering Council
  • No personal data is obtained
  • No waste will be attributed to any particular household
  • The analysis is carried out to help design future collection and recycling/disposal service delivery

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