‘A’ Board Controls set to be Introduced

a-boardsIn most shopping areas, Advertising Boards (or A-Boards) are often placed on the pavement outside business premises to promote trade. Sometimes there are a few and often there are many, some big some small. However, the boards can often turn pavements into obstacle courses, particularly for the less mobile or visually impaired, as well as cluttering up the place.

From next year, the Council propose to introduce a code of practice for A-Boards in order to bring about some degree of control.

No fee is proposed, but the code of practice enables A-Boards that meet a specified criteria to be placed on the highway without the need for formal registration.

All premises will be notified of the code of practice with an explanation as to why it is being introduced along with further information. Businesses who fail to comply to the code of practice after reminders are issued may be liable to enforcement costs of £200.

The code of practice sets out a number of conditions, including:

  • One A-Board per premises
  • Minimum of 2 metres between A-Board and edge of pavement
  • Placed abutting the business premises
  • Standard size (750mm x 750mm and 1200mm height)
  • Must have liability insurance
  • Must not obscure road signs or be attached to street furniture


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  1. Excellent work, fully behind such a move.
    Would suggest 2 metres be used as a clear space as on occasions obstacles reduce this, e.g. Bus shelters/stops, waste bins, bicycle racks.

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