Branfil School Streets’ Scheme update

Following resident consultation, as mentioned in last month’s Bulletin, the School Streets’ Scheme zone was introduced on 28 September for a trial period up until June 2021. The scheme was introduced by Havering Council to reduce air pollution and improve the health and wellbeing of the community, by encouraging more walking and cycling to schools wherever possible.

The Scheme will cover all of Cedar Avenue, from the junction of Gaynes Park Road and part of South View Drive, finishing at the junction of Acacia Drive. The above area will be made pedestrian and cycle only from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm from Monday to Friday during term time.

During this period access for residents entering the streets will be maintained if their vehicles are registered for an exemption. All other vehicles not registered for an exemption, driven by parents, visitors, delivery vehicles and school staff, will not be permitted to enter the zone during the closure. Any vehicle already in the zone during the closure will be permitted to exit the street without receiving a penalty.

The zone will be enforced by unattended cameras positioned in South View Drive and Gaynes Park Road. Please note, any vehicles not permitted to enter the zone during above time periods will be automatically issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN).

Your local Councillors supported the scheme and recognized the benefits mentioned above. However, they did raise concerns with Havering’s Chief Executive Officer before the Scheme was implemented, including displaced parking problems in adjoining roads. They have again contacted the CEO and have pointed out the problems the scheme has caused, especially in Gaynes Park. Road. Some solutions to improve the situation were suggested by the Councillors.

The CEO has confirmed a review has been put in place to consider some sort of parking scheme, which would take effect in the 2021/22 programme. Due to constraints on existing budgets, Covid 19 and the loss of Transport for London funding it is not possible to consider a review this financial year. We are disappointed with this response and we will continue to lobby the Council that something needs to be done this financial year.

Further information on the School Streets Scheme can be found on the Havering Council website.

Councillor Chris Wilkins


  1. Just got a ticket for driving through south view drive, can you let me know what signs you have for a pedestrian zone, we were picking up Christmas presents for grandkids had no idea about zone, if you turn it in to a pedestrian zone block it off.

    • Dear Mr Clark,

      I will pass on your question to the Upminster Ward councillors and ask them to respond to you direct.

      Cllr John Tyler

  2. Similar to Mr Clark – my wife also got a ticket driving along Cedar Avenue – whilst we agree we were unknowingly in the wrong (as we were not aware of this change re the zone) we would also suggest some sort of “Road closed signage” in the road other than 2 metal signs 6 foot up a post – another issue I have is that our PCN was dated 24th March and we didn’t receive the letter till the 15th April which meant that the 14 day early payment period had already lapsed so we had no alternative but to pay the £130.00 fine rather than the £65.00

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