Brookmans Park – Residential Caravan Planning Application

A planning application (P0719.18) has been submitted for the site Willow Tree Lodge, Brookmans Park Drive, Cranham, which is the unmade road at the end of Front Lane, adjacent to the A127.

The proposal is for a ‘Residential caravan site, including the stationing of 12 caravans, (1 touring caravan and 11 static caravans) and the erection of stables and construction of menege” (an outdoor riding area). The land in question is green belt, which has had previous applications submitted, approved, rejected and enforced against. Objections and comments need to be submitted by 22nd August and full details of the application can be found on the following link:

Councillor Gillian Ford

  1. How come the plot has caravans for GYPSIES ONLY….can you imagine if we were to build houses for non gypsies only ?? or houses for English only….white or black people only ? there would be riots…but the caravans are for gysies only ….not fair …not right…and no doubt property in the area will down value.

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