Cancel Your Indicator!

Recently there was another accident on the A127 slip road, heading from Romford towards Hall Lane and Upminster. When you indicate to pull off of the A127, there is a need to turn off the left hand turn indicator, as the curve in the road does not always do so automatically. Cars exiting from the Harold Wood direction, may assume you are turning left when in fact you are not and may pull out in front of you. However, according to Highways officials, signs similar to the one used in Yorkshire cannot be used for the following reasons:

Traffic signs are regulated in law by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD16)
“The “cancel indicator”, as used in Yorkshire, is not a lawful traffic sign and as officers, we are bound to provide this advice and to resist the installation of signs we know to be unlawful. Where a traffic sign is proposed which is not in accordance with the TSRGD16, then a Special Authorisation from the Department for Transport would be required. We have checked the DfT Special Authorisations database and North Yorkshire County Council has no Special Authorisation for this sign and in fact, no highway authority has a Special Authorisation for it. Anyone installing this sign is acting unlawfully and liability may rest with an authority installing such in the event a driver is involved in a collision where the sign has been relied upon. This liability could lead to both civil and criminal risk for the installing authority.”
No signs,  just vigilance!
Councillor Gillian Ford
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  1. This is an accident black spot and had been for many years. The RA should be campaigning for the junction to be remodelled and made safer.
    Try heading towards Harold Wood from the Westbound A127 or going Eastbound on the A127 when its busy.

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