Cashback without a purchase

Towards the end of last year the government announced proposals to ensure that people continue to have easy access to cash. Although cash use is declining, many people still prefer to use it for small purchases and those on tight budgets can find that using cash helps to budget and manage their finances.

With the number of cash machines declining and stories of some retailers refusing to accept cash and/or imposing a minimum spend for card transactions, the main proposal is for people to be able to request cashback from retailers of all sizes without the need to make a purchase. This was previously not permitted under European Union rules but, since leaving the EU, is now an option for the UK to introduce.

Rumours have since emerged that the government may not pursue the idea due to the financial effects of the pandemic, and so it would be worthwhile anyone who wishes to show support for the introduction of cashback without a purchase, to conduct their local MP.

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