Chapman’s Farm – Application Lodged for 9 Houses

Following a year of speculation, it has been confirmed that a planning application has been lodged with the Council for the demolition of the existing livery yard and the erection of nine dwellings, made up of 4 x 3-bedroom, 3 x 4-bedroom and 2 x 5-bedroom units at Chapman’s Farm, Hall Lane, Upminster.

The application (provisional reference number P1673.18) has yet to be validated by the Havering Planning Department and will be uploaded to the Council website once the administrative checks have been complete, this is likely to be early next week.

Once the application is validated, letters will be sent out to households in the vicinity advising of the application and giving details of where and how to object/comment. This triggers the 21-day consultation period in which to respond.

The Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association share the concerns of many residents about this development on Green Belt land and will keep residents updated in the following way:

  • Once the application is validated, our website will be updated with details of plans and a link to the application where objections/comments can be lodged
  • We shall undertake a leaflet drop in the wider area to alert residents
  • It will be featured in the December Bulletin
  • A public meeting will be organised to assist and inform residents

It is important that any objections should relate directly to the application and not a general declaration of opposition. Similarly, objections should relate to valid planning considerations – but more on this with the next update early next week.

Once the public consultation period is finished, the planning team will consider all comments and objections which will feed into a detailed report. This will then be considered by the Council’s Planning Committee in early 2019 who make the final decision.

We shall continue to keep you updated on this important issue.


  1. This is green belt and Any application for housing must be refused

    • Jenny Miller I think you will find that as this has been land with buildings in for more than 10 years it’s now classed as brown belt and therefore can be built on within the necessary conditions for example the effect on traffic and the surrounding area. Where the M25 works vehicles when widening the M25 was placed as it’s over 10 years now and it’s classed as brown belt they have put in planning permission to build an industrial estate there right on the edge of the A127 & M25. Look like we will have a fight to block the planning permission.

  2. Really opposed. I have lived round the corner to there for over 40 years. I love to walk and drive past there knowing it is surrounded by grassland not housing and as it’s low level you can see all the surrounding area. It will completely obliterate that and should not even be a consideration. Fed up with more and more of our land being eaten up by housing or business. There are few areas left still in our community like this so don’t ruin it. Also in an area where house prices are high let’s not pretend this is application for housing to provide affordable living and based on the application. This is just money making pure and simple and should be rejected

  3. These houses will be very near to busy road junctions and will cause more traffic in an area that is prone to accidents. This is an aside from scarring the landscape and surrounding areas. I would most definitely reject this application. Upminster has enough expensive housing, the current farm buildings and stables blend in with the landscape. It will be a sad day if this is allowed to go ahead.

  4. This is simply greed and would be devastating for the wild life including bats that live in the barns increasing more traffic and also would open the door to more and more green belt land being built upon until eventually Upminster will become just another concrete jungle within the London boroughs. I strongly and vehemently oppose this planning application

  5. I have a feeling of dread as I witness the loss of our beloved rural corner of Essex- yes Essex! Not Hackney or Tower Hamlets. I chose to live in Cranham/ Upminster which is now surrounded and criss – crossed by ugly double yellow painted stripes and a future vision of brick and concrete replacing the green of our land is perhaps too much. We must resist the greed, we must fight the lack of respect for us and we must be heard by the lily livered authorities that allow themselves to be bullied.

  6. This is Greenbelt Land, and must be refused. Greenbelt Land must never be abused. We will become a concrete jungle, and our infrastructure will be unable to cope. Affordable housing should be built on brownfill sites.

  7. This application must be refused, it is green belt. We will become a concrete jungle, and our infrastructure will be unable to cope. Affordable housing should be built on brownfill sites.

  8. I strongly object to planning consent being granted for this development for the following reasons.

    1.The development is on green belt land.

    2.The traffic created by the dwellers on the proposed development would cause an additional traffic hazard and congestion onto Hall Lane.
    This stretch of road is already heavily congested and the access is on a dangerous curve.

    3. The proposed development would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the area.

    4. There would be further loss of trees, already a number have recently been cut down.

    5.There would be significant impact on the bat colony that nest in the current buildings. On summer evenings the bats can be seen flying around the barns.

    6. There would be loss of amenity as there would no longer be stabling in this area for the horses which have for many years been kept there.

    To preserve our precious open spaces for future generations it is important that we all make representations to our planners to reject this application and protect our green belt.

  9. It is essential that Residents send their comments to the Council.
    We must stop building on the Green Blet

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