Chapman’s Farm Update – Decision Date Pushed Back

Chapman’s Farm, Hall Lane

Further to earlier articles on the Chapman’s Farm Planning application (P1673.18) to build nine dwellings on the site of the livery yard and riding stables at Chapmans Farm, Hall Lane, the initial decision date of 2nd January has now been put back to 22nd January.

We shall continue to keep you updated.

  1. I see no problem with this going ahead and providing much needed houses in the area

    • These are luxury houses… they will not ease any housing shortage .

    • Do we really need £1m houses ?
      Do we need more traffic on Hall Lane ?
      Do we need to preserve the Green Belt ?

  2. It needs to be stopped once this land is built on for housing all green or brown belt will be gone. If this is agreed to it will set a precedent for the borough.

  3. Building on green belt land should be stopped and the land protected for future generations and will just open the floodgates. Upminster is already rammed with building being allowed in every available space most are ugly buildings rather than being sympathetic to the surrounding architecture . This site is a bad accident site and extra care has to be taken when exiting Wylie’s or coming off slip road from A127 . Plus the fact that doctor appointments, school places and hospital appointments are difficult enough to find let alone parking either in Upminster or even to attend hospital appointment at queens should you be lucky enough to get one. This plot will grow 9 houses now a huge housing estate within a few years. Please just look at the bigger picture and not pound signs . It is an asset for upminster as it is

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