Chapman’s Farm – Update

Just a quick update on the planning application (P1673.18) to build 9 houses on the Green Belt site at Chapman’s Farm (stable yard), Hall Lane. The application received 137 letters of objection, which is a fantastic measure of the depth of feeling in the community, with a decision due on the 22nd January. Should the decision be to refuse, then the application ends – but further applications could be made. If the application is recommended for approval, then it will be presented to the Planning Committee for final decision. If that is the case, we shall advise on dates and processes via our website (, social media and The Bulletin.

  1. If it’s green belt how come it’s even being considered?

  2. As I have said many times, the Planning system is not democratic.I have attended meetings where objectors are allowed to make there case for protecting green spaces,but the process is designed to ignore such concerns.
    Even though the Leader of the council has declared that our Green Belt will be protected the system allows repeated applications to be made, following which approval is finally given. The other technique in the system is to allow building on such areas by gradual erosion. Once the first approval is given, we then have a Trojan horse for expansion of such areas into large estates.The land owners and developers are of course well aware of the system,and such spaces are seen as land banks. The residents who wish to protect green spaces are powerless. Our Residents Association should be more hard line in demonstrating our opposition.Building on gardens which is going on everywhere is a symbol of the “loadsamoney” attitude that will destroy our environment.

  3. If the site is GREENBELT its should remain GREEN BELT.
    The Council are reneging on their promises

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