Clearing snow or ice from a path or road

Just before Christmas, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published a list of 12 popular myths concerning what people and businesses are not allowed to do. For anyone interested, it can still be found on their website  .

Although many were obvious, one that does come up on a regular basis is whether it is OK to clear snow from the path or roadway outside your house. The information below is taken directly from the HSE website –

You can clear snow and ice from pavements yourself. It’s unlikely that you’ll be sued or held responsible if someone is injured on a path or pavement if you’ve cleared it carefully.

How to clear snow and ice –

  • do it early in the day – it’s easier to move fresh, loose snow 
  • don’t use water – it might refreeze and turn to black ice
  • use salt if possible – it will melt the ice or snow and stop it from refreezing overnight (but don’t use the salt from salting bins as this is used to keep roads clear)
  • you can use ash and sand if you don’t have enough salt – it will provide grip underfoot
  • pay extra attention when clearing steps and steep pathways – using more salt may help


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