Council grass cutting schedule 2024

Havering Council have sent out the borough’s grass cutting schedule for 2024 to ward councillors, together with further details, some of which are detailed below –

‘Please see attached this years grass cutting schedule. It is subject to weather/grounds conditions, machinery break down, unplanned absences and we will always prioritise reported sightline or Health and Safety issues before aesthetics.

As well as cutting all the street verges that are listed, staff also are cutting in housing estates, parks (inc. football pitches and line marking, crickets outfields), schools, libraries etc., which is why there may be gaps in the schedule. We also cut all highway shrubs and deal with green issues in public footpaths ad hoc. 

We do not cut and collect, as we do not have the resources/machinery to carry this out. It would also have a massive impact on tipping costs with the East London Waste Authority. Cut grass is blown back onto the verges. This may look unsightly (especially after the first cut), but after cuts 2/3, this should reduce. The cuttings also provide nutrients for the soil.’

Cranham and Upminster wards first cut should have been completed by the end of April but this is likely to have been delayed by poor weather. The following cuts are also due in 2024 –

  • Upminster (w/c) 20 May, 24 June, 05 August, 02 September, 07 October and 04 November
  • Cranham (w/c) 27 May, 01 July, 12 August, 09 September, 14 October and 11 November


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