Councillors Meeting with New Area Police Commander

On Tuesday 14th May, Residents’ Association (UCRA) councillors attended a meeting in Romford Town Hall with the outgoing Metropolitan Police Tri-Borough Commander for Havering, Jason Gwillim and his successor, Stephen Clayman. Detective Chief Superintendent Clayman is not new to the borough, having previously worked here a decade ago.

Among the many issues that were raised was the future of the Police Community Team base in Corbets Tey Road. UCRA councillors had been led to believe that a final decision on its future would be made this week but were told that discussions were still ongoing. The police are looking to see whether there is any alternative accomodation available locally but are committed to retaining a police office within 20 minutes walking distance of both Cranham and Upminster wards. This would effectively rule out our community officers being moved to Hornchurch police station. We will keep you informed of any further updates.

Other points discussed included –

1) There are now two community officers per ward and their duties are ring-fenced to be working in their ward except in extreme circumstances, such as the recent climate change protests in central London. Most of the times when the officers are away from their ward are when they are undergoing training, have made an arrest or are appearing at court.

2) The recently highly publicised Havering Council payment for five extra police officers is still subject to final agreement. Whilst employed by the Metropolitan Police, these officers role, priorities and taskings will be subject of consultation with the council.

Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman – BCU Commander (East Area)

  1. (“Lead to believe , ” still considering” and “are looking to see”), all these do not sound very conclusive nor solid talk, it sounds more like softening the blow and white wash. So the have already decided to close the police community team base in cranham and Upminster but the article is aiming at insulting the residents’ intelegince

  2. Is that two community officers per shift or, two in total spread acros three shifts?

    • Dear Graham,

      That is two officers in total for each ward. Apparently the Cranham and Upminster teams spread their shifts so there is as wide a coverage as possible but they are not supposed to be there 24-hours a day. Bearing in mind that there used to be six officers per ward until about ten years ago, their presence is obviously far less than then.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  3. Incredible seeing Stephen again, I had the pleasure of working with him at Havering about 15 years ago. He has certainly flown up the ranks since then (he was Detective Constable Clayman at the time) … good luck to him in the big chair

  4. 2 officers spread across three shifts ? Upminster isn’t a sleepy village as you’d expect to read about in a Famous Five book. Resources need to be addressed. Tri borough policing is simply not viable. We want the policing we deserve and pay for. Crime has gone up to the degree it’s acceted as the norm thus not reported therefore not included in stats. Let’s hope this new chap takes a more aggressive stance.

    • Dear Vince,

      The Upminster & Cranham RA councillors agree with you entirely and will continue to press for more officers on our local streets.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  5. Has the final decision been made on the local police office yet?

    • Dear Catherine,

      The impression I got was that a final decision is not imminent. As soon as we get any information we will publicise it on this website and local social media.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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