Cranham and Upminster Safe Place initiative (C.U.S.P.)

Back in June, it was shared on Facebook by an Upminster mother, that her daughter had been intimidated by a group of youths who took an item of hers, and threw it over a Railway line fence. The very kind owner of the recently opened card shop in Front Lane, publicly offered a place of refuge for anyone that felt threatened or unsafe, with use of the internet and a phone charger while they waited for somebody to collect them.

It was at that point that Lisa Denton came up with an idea to engage retailers in an initiative to help anyone that felt threatened whilst out in Cranham and Upminster. Danny Kenward stepped forward to offer the printing of signs that could go into participating shop windows at cost price. With this, the Cranham and Upminster Safe Place (C.U.S.P ) initiative was born.

The initiative has now rolled out across Cranham and Upminster. Some of the businesses and organisations that have stepped forward include The Golden Crane, Maa Eye Care, The Cheeky Cockle, Accord Sales & Lettings, Cranham Social Hall, The Royal British Legion, Essex Martial Arts, Upminster Library, Summit Financial and Tey Café.

Look out for the sign in the windows, and let any vulnerable person you know, what sign to look out for.

If you wish to join please contact Lisa Denton via the ‘Upminster & Cranham Community’ Facebook Group.

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