Cranham By-Election Date is May 9th

For anyone who may be confused by the number of forthcoming elections, below is a guide for residents of Havering.

May 2nd 2019 is the date of the County and District Local Elections. Havering is not included as it is a London Borough. London held their Local Elections in May 2018 and will hold their next Local Elections for all Councillor seats in May 2022.

May 9th 2019 is the date of a By-Election in the Cranham Ward. This is as result of the untimely death of Councillor Clarence Barrett. The ballot paper will ask you to place one cross on the ballot paper, for one candidate. No other Ward in Havering will be voting.

May 23rd-26th 2019 is the European Elections, where we elect Members of the European Parliament. Once elected, they elect a Leader of the Parliament.

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