Cranham Community Centre needs urgent support

During the pandemic, Cranham Community Centre in Marlborough Gardens has had to continue paying the annual rent of £17,000. They were successful last year in securing a £25,000 government grant, which went towards the maintenance of the site, paying utility bills and security, but that has not been enough to keep the centre on a secure footing and reserves have now been depleted.

The usually vibrant centre, with clubs and activities for all age groups has been unable to open, putting a stop to normal income. All staff have been unpaid but they have tried to keep the centre secure, clean and ready to open when the government give the go ahead. Throughout the pandemic the centre has submitted requests to Havering Council for a rent reprieve, which have been declined.

Councillor Gillian Ford raised concerns with the Cabinet Lead for Finance, over the pressures the community centre has been placed in during the lockdowns. The response suggested such centres would be considered case by case.

Not knowing how long they will have to wait and the uncertainty of any action being taken, the Cranham Community Centre have therefore launched a crowdfunding page and welcome your support. If you would like to make a donation go to  .

Cranham Ward councillors will continue to monitor the situation and press the council to offer immediate support to help the centre to continue.

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