Cranham Green Belt Land Secured for the Community

A large piece of Green Belt land in Cranham has finally been bought by the Council to provide an informal recreational open space while providing additional protection from any potential development.

The substantial plot of land spans some 29 acres (11.7 hectares) and is flanked by Moor Lane (behind the Moor Lane CoE Church) and the A127 to the North (see picture).

Back in 2010 there was a planning application to build a large Retirement Village on the land, but this was turned down by the Council following opposition from local residents and the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association. A subsequent appeal also upheld the rejection.

It’s very good news for the community that this land will be retained as Green Belt. Plans to open up the existing footpath to give public access to the natural environment and abundant wildlife is also most welcome.

Images of the land can be viewed at Moor Lane Green Belt

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  1. This is fantastic news .

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