Cranham Parking Review – Have Your Say

Following an initial consultation in 2017, the Council are now consulting on proposals to introduce double yellow lines at the junctions of the following roads:-

      1. Ashby Close and Hedingham Road
      2. Carisbroke Close and Hedingham Road
      3. Caernarvon Close and Hedingham Road
      4. Falkirk Close and Hedingham Road
      5. Somerset Gardens and Frimley Avenue
      6. Somerset Gardens and Holme Road
      7. Holme Road and Benets Road
      8. Frimley Avenue and Benets Road
      9. Engayne Gardens and Waldergrave Gardens
      10. Ashburnham Gardens and Hall Lane
      11. Ashburnham Gardens and Engayne Gardens
      12. Ingrebourne Gardens and Marlborough Gardens
      13. Nathan Close and Moor Lane
      14. Swift Close and Heron Way
      15. Nightingale Avenue and Heron Way
      16. Plover Gardens and Heron Way
      17. Kingfisher Road and Heron Way
      18. Mallard Close and Heron Way
      19. Cranham Gardens and Park Avenue
      20. On Hall Lane south of the junction with Waldergrave Gardens
      21. Within the central radius of the island at the end of Waldergrave Gardens
      22. At the eastern bend on Marlborough Gardens
      23. Ingrebourne Gardens north of Front Lane
      24. Kingfisher Road at the bend in the road
      25. Heron Way between Plover Close and Swan Avenue
      26. On Heron Way between Tern Gardens and Swift Close
      27. Moor Lane opposite Cranham Gardens
      28. Cranham Gardens south of Rustic Close
      29. On the north side of Avon Road between Hall Lane and Marlborough Gardens
      30. on bends in Chelmer Road
      31. extending the double yellow lines in Mersey Avenue
    • Introduce no waiting restrictions (Single Yellow Lines) Monday to Saturday 8am – 6.30pm on the north side of Waldergrave Gardens including the turning area at the end
    • On the west and east side of Engayne Gardens
    • On the north and south sides of Ashburnham Gardens
  • Introduce limited waiting on Front Lane outside shop parade Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm no return within 1 hour.


These proposals have been designed to improve road safety and sight lines which will assist in reducing disruption to Council and emergency services.

To view each of the proposals please visit:

All comments to the proposals can be emailed to or in writing to the Highways, Traffic and Parking Group Manager, Havering Town Hall, Main Road, Romford RM1 3BB to be received by Friday 2nd February 2018.

Where possible, objections should state the grounds on which they are made.

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