Cranham Parking Review

Last night (03 July) was supposed to be the long awaited hearing of the Cranham Parking review by the Council’s Highways Advisory Committee. Unfortunately, this was postponed at short notice by council officers to the next meeting on 31 July. We are aware that several Cranham residents attended the meeting and were disappointed that the item was not heard. Cllr John Tyler will be representing us at the next meeting and would be happy for anyone who is planning to attend to e-mail him at over the next couple of weeks, so that in the unlikely event that the matter is not to be heard at the next meeting he can inform them beforehand.

  1. The amount of vans that work in the railway depo parking in cranham village is terrible. There was 6 from one company a few weeks back

  2. I live on the cathedrals estate. Winchester avenue is the only road where partial pavement parking is allowed. It has been available for so long that the white lines have recently been repainted. Residents would like to know why this is the case, and why other roads are not treated equally. Who lives in Winchester avenue to get this preferential treatment?

  3. I’ll be interested to see what the outcome of the review will be. One thing it won’t, I suspect, will be any recommendation of actual benefit for the Cranham residents – unless money can be made out of us.

    Parking is a massive problem that hasn’t been addressed for decades, caused by an increase in cars. The tax revenue that they generate doesn’t seem to be passed on to the Council, or if it is, the Council spends it on even more useless humps and pustules; at least they should mend the potholes with the money.

    And provide more, free, offroad parking would be good – will fulfil their remit to provide benefits and services to the council taxpayer.

  4. Parking issues are spoiling my living in Cranham after some 40 years.

  5. The parking in Cranham village just seems to get worse, there are always numerous cars and vans parking on the pavement, which I thought was an offence, out side the cafe and Indian restaurant that it is sometimes near impossible to get past, especially mothers with children and pushchairs never mind the elderly trying to negotiate their mobility scooters. This needs to be monitored and action taken against the individual drivers or the business they are visiting.

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