Cranham Solar Park Home to 100 Sheep

Cranham Solar Park

Cranham Solar Park

Travelling along St Mary’s Lane, just past the golf course and alongside the M25, you may briefly see the 5.5-hectare solar park that has been operational since December 2016.

The park is made up of 11,316 individual panels situated along 44 rows which creates up to 3MWp (mega-watt peak) of output. Once the clean energy is exported to the national grid, it has enough capacity to power some 750 homes on an annual basis.

The park, which is operated by Wirsol, requires minimal maintenance and creates no noise or waste. The park has a serviceable life of about 25-30 years, after which it will be returned to its former appearance.

The park has also become home to some 100 sheep who happily graze beneath the solar modules.

The pictures have been supplied by Wirsol.


  1. Very impressive – We need more solar panel parks and wind turbines – we cannot keep relying on unsustainable energy. More investment is needed.

  2. and it doesn’t mar the skyline, either.

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