Crime Prevention Advice

As the darker evenings are now approaching. listed below are some general tips on keeping yourself, your family and your home safe.

  1. Avoid discussing on social media where you are and if you are alone, especially if you are travelling at night.
  2. If you are walking home alone, plan your route using well lit areas.
  3. If you are popping out to the shops, make sure you shut your windows and lock doors properly.
  4. A dark house is a signal to burglars, so install an automatic timer-switch to light up a room or rooms.
  5. Don’t tempt burglars – make sure valuables are not in view from the outside.
  6. Make sure any keys aren’t in sight of a window or letter box.
  7. Always check who’s at the door and don’t open it if you feel anxious.
  8. If you are a driver, always park in a well-lit area.
  9. If you buy a second-hand keyless car, remember to get your fob reprogrammed, to reduce the risk of theft.
  10. If you are shopping, ensure your valuables are out of sight – the most common item stolen is a mobile phone, so store it securely in your bag if you can’t close your pocket.
  11. Keep your bike safe – To reduce the chances of theft, use a good quality cycle lock and get it property marked. Make sure it is left in a well-lit and busy area.

For further advice on all aspects of personal, home and business security, visit the Metropolitan Police crime prevention website.


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