Dartford Crossing Closed 675 Times in 2017

Delays at the Dartford Crossing, particularly from Kent into Essex via the tunnels, has been the cause of thousands of hours of wasted time and increased levels of pollution from the exhausts of vehicles waiting in line.

The Dartford Crossing closed 675 times last year for a whole variety of reasons. The most common reason is vehicle breakdown, but other causes include someone who ran out of petrol on the bridge, lorries catching fire, emergency pot hole repairs, tyre changes and even a suicide attempt. Quite often a tunnel will be shut to allow an over-height lorry to travel through the tunnel by straddling both lanes in the middle.

While 675 closures sounds a lot, in 2013 the crossing was shut a total of 1,077 times. Nonetheless, having to pay a toll to experience delays on such a regular basis only adds to the frustration of motorists who have little choice but to use the crossing.

Cllr Clarence Barrett


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