Dartford Crossing having a Fine Time!

Figures recently released show that over £160m was raised through the Dartford Toll last year, up by £60m from the previous year. However, it seems that £53m of the £160m was actually raised through issuing fines as a result of non-payment. However, since the introduction of free-flow system in late 2014, overseas motorists and truck drivers owe some £81m as a result of non-payment. The debt has been passed on to the European Debt Recovery Agency, but with little hope of recovery. Perhaps there could be some form of on-line deposit scheme for overseas vehicles entering the country and any fines, tolls or other road related charges are automatically deducted – thereby avoiding the cost and time associated with chasing debts across the continent?

Cllr Clarence Barrett

  1. Where does the money go that’s raised from the crossing tolls?

    • All money raised rom the Toll goes to the government.

      • Surely the money goes to Sanef, the firm that owns it.

        • Not quite – in 2014 Sanef were awarded the contract (£367m over 7 years) to manage the free-flow system. The income generated by the tolls goes straight to the Treasury, however it is reasonable to argue that Sanef get paid their contractual £52m a year from the same revenue in a roundabout way.

  2. Let’s hope that when it comes to maintaining the bridge they don’t ask for any money from the users!

  3. They are building a new crossing to join up to this one, that is costing £6b and bulldozing people’s homes including mine!

  4. can you give examples of such a deposit scheme please? I have been driving my car into Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Lucemburg, Netherlands, Belgium and probably a bunch more countries in recent years and never came across a deposit scheme.

    • You are right, the deposit scheme referred to is more about fines than for road usage. I have taken that reference out of the item and have just suggested that some kind of on-line deposit scheme could be considered. Apologies, Ed.

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