Footpath Public Inquiry

Town Hall, Romford

There is to be a Public Inquiry on the 4th of July 2017 at 10am at the Town Hall Romford. Havering council are requesting that Footpath 198 be moved (this runs through the Old Windmill site) on to Sustran’s National Cycle path 136. This is a very busy cycle route, it is used by visitors to Upminster park, school children and their parents and people going to the shops.

The reason being is that they gave permission to build 22 retirement flats on the Old Windmill site, for this development to go ahead they have to move the 100+year old right of way. In fact, they would be removing footpath 198 completely. Please attend this meeting if possible to support the local people of Upminster who are objecting to this request.

P Flavell


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