Former Avon Road Post Office

In early 2020, the Post Office counter within the Martin’s shop at 141 Avon Road, Cranham was closed, when the owners decided that they no longer wished to run it. The Post Office sought to find a new local shop to take over the service but were, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

Cranham Ward councillors have now received the following communication from the Post Office –

‘As you may be aware the above Post Office closed last year for reasons beyond our control as the Partner service withdrew their contract and the premises for Post Office use.

Since then we have been exploring our options for restoring a Post Office service to our customers in the area. Unfortunately, we have therefore been unable to identify a suitable solution and I’m writing to you and other local representatives to advise you that as there have been no suitable opportunities to re-establish a service, this branch will remain closed at this time.

We want to make sure customers can access our quality services and products across the Post Office network. We are committed to maintaining our access criteria so that 99% of the UK’s population are within 3 miles of a Post Office and 90% are within 1 mile. However, due to the effects of coronavirus on retail businesses, this remains a challenging environment in which to operate.

We would of course consider any appropriate options if there are any significant changes in the area in the future. However due to the length of time the branch has been closed, we would need to satisfy ourselves that any new opportunity would be sustainable for both the Post Office and the operator. If you have any suggestions, please contact the National
Consultation Team via e-mail at .

The latest available branch information can be found on our website  .’

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