Free Weekend Parking in Council Car parks for Christmas

Havering Council has announced that there will be free weekend parking in all council car parks from Saturday 30 November until Sunday 05 January, to help boost festive shopping. This will only be available in council car parks and does not include on-street parking.

The Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association welcome this move, as it was previously proposed by us and rejected at that time by the current Administration. In response to a press enquiry, Cllr Gillian Ford said, “The Residents’ Association Councillors are pleased to hear the administration have adopted our proposal for free parking at Christmas. All they need to do now is listen to our proposal for 30 minutes free parking.”

Free 30-minute parking was removed from Upminster and Hornchurch town centres in June this year. The Residents’ Association campaign to bring back the free parking and review other parking charges will continue.


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