Freedom Pass Renewal 2021

The older persons Freedom Pass allows free travel across London and free local bus journeys nationally. The scheme is administered by London Councils on behalf of the London boroughs. Any older person whose sole or principal residence is in a London borough and who meets the age criteria can receive a pass. Eligibility can be checked via  .

Freedom Passes must be renewed every five years and any residents whose pass expires on 31 March 2021 will need to renew it before then.

If you have not changed address, your renewed Older Person’s Freedom Pass will automatically be posted to your home address. London Councils wrote to those pass holders who they believe may have changed their address in December 2020, asking them to renew their pass. The letter contains a unique renewal number and instructions on how they can renew their pass online in four easy steps. Renewal can also be made via a paper form included with the letter.

Residents will receive a new pass in the post from February 2021, as long as their application is successful. They will only be contacted by the Freedom Pass team if there is an issue. The status of their Freedom Pass renewal can be tracked online at  . Once the new Freedom Pass is received, it can be used immediately and the old pass destroyed.

Disabled Freedom Pass

Holders of the disabled person’s Freedom Pass with an expiry date of 31 March 2021 will receive their new pass in February, once their eligibility has been checked by their local council. Therefore, holders of the disabled persons Freedom Pass will not receive a letter and may not need to actively re-apply. However, their local borough may contact them to confirm their continued eligibility for the scheme.

Disabled passes are only valid for as long as the pass holder meets the eligibility criteria for the scheme. If someone’s circumstances change before the expiry date of the pass, their pass may be stopped. If they do not respond to borough correspondence inviting them to be re-assessed, their pass may be stopped.

Contact information

For further information contact the Freedom Pass Team by e-mail or on 0300 330 1433.

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