Gallows Corner Set for Extensive Safety Measures

Transport for London (TfL) have announced that works to improve the Gallows Corner Roundabout are due to commence in the Spring of 2018.

The aptly named junction has gained a notorious reputation over the years with a series of collisions and a fatality in 2012.

The flyover was built as temporary structure in 1970, but has seen a number of repairs over 46 years to become one of the busiest junctions in Greater London.

Following a period of consultation, the proposals will see –

  • Changes to the layout of the roundabout to extend the central island and reduce entry speeds. This would remove sharp turns and widen lanes for vehicles when turning and travelling through the junction
  • Improvements to the positioning, curvature and size of traffic islands, give way signs and other street furniture to improve visibility for vehicles passing through the junction
  • New white lines and guidance markings across the junction to better direct traffic
  • Traffic lane widening on the A127 Southend Arterial Road from 2.6 metres to 3 metres
  • Footway widening at the north east section of the roundabout between A118 Straight Road and A12 Colchester Road to better accommodate pedestrian and cyclist shared use facilities
  • Footway conversion to a pedestrian and cyclist shared use facility at the eastern section of the roundabout between A12 Colchester Road and A127 Southend Arterial Road
  • Road construction and resurfacing where required

See the TfL documentation and plans HERE


  1. Why not put in an under pass take traffic going up to Ardleigh green straight under gallows corner do away with flyover,round about to take above traffic all other routes … ?

  2. I used to drive round under the flyover everyday and I worked out a very simple solution. Slow everybody down. The problem is when you try to pull out, people are tearing round at silly speeds, usually to get out in front of the next oncoming car. If you put speed bumps, or made everyone do 5mph somehow, then I think people will have an easier time of things. Gives people time to change lanes too…

  3. An idea: How about traffic light lane complex;
    You would enter through a dual lane.
    Each lane entering the complex has a road arrow with the option of straight and turn on their respective sides.
    Each straight or turn would take you to road you want to go to.
    The traffic lights would rotate giving everyone steady access rather than selfish drivers speeding around.
    Also, round abouts that block visability to the other roads is basically a ongoing blind turn. .

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