Gerpins Lane Recycling Centre

Your local Residents’ Association (UCRA) councillors previously lobbied for the reopening of the Gerpins Lane Recycling Centre, which successfully resulted in it opening again on 11 May. However, at present large vans, trailers and commercial waste are not being accepted, effectively meaning that no trade waste is allowed onto the site.

In view of this, UCRA councillors are once again lobbing the Council to have this policy reversed, to reduce fly-tipping and also help raise badly needed revenue for the Council.

In addition, your UCRA Councillors have been working with local residents to tackle the problem of fly tipping in Upminster and Cranham. Should you notice any dumped waste, you can report it simply by creating (or logging into) a My Havering account¬†on the Council’s website or reporting it to the Council via the Loving Havering app.

However, if you are reporting dumped rubbish that poses an immediate danger between 5pm and 9am on weekdays, or at weekends, please call the ‘out of hours’ emergency line – 01708 433 999.

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