Green Belt Planning Application

Proposed site with greyhound track visible

A planning application to build 14 dwellings on the former greyhound track at Ockendon Kennels, Ockendon Road, RM14 3PT has been received by the Council.

This follows previous applications at the same site for 30 dwellings, then 22, which were refused by the Council and subsequently on appeal by the Planning Inspector. The reasons given were the height of the proposed buildings, the intensity of the proposal’s layout the extent of development compared to the existing built development and the significant adverse impact on the openness of the Green Belt.

To view/comment on the latest application, visit P0862.18

  1. This should not be granted it will set a precedent and all the green belt across the borough will gradually get built on.

  2. I am against any applications which ‘nibbble away’ at the Green Belt. I have no problem with replacing like-for-like, in terms of the ground area affected, so these people need to scale down their over-ambitious project.

  3. We need our green belt areas for the environment. Adding more houses will add stress an already over stretched services

  4. No, no ,no.

  5. Green belt should remain green belt. No exceptions.

  6. A good compromise. New homes are desperately needed and this land just has derelict buildings on at the moment!It doesn’t mean all green belt will immediately be developed.

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