Green Number Plates on the Way?

The government are about to launch a consultation to give low emission, hydrogen and electric vehicles green number plates in order to raise awareness, boost the popularity of such vehicles and be visible to other road users.

The system, which is used in Norway, Canada and China, is also designed to support schemes such as low emission zones, vehicle lanes and allocated parking spaces.

More information HERE.

Do you think this is a good idea?


  1. Good idea then drivers will know that it’s not only cyclists they should shout “You don’t pay Road Tax” to when they are stuck in a queue !!

  2. Am I Bovvered?

  3. Could Havering invest in a charging network within their car parks firstly, to make electric cars an attractive prospect, which would do more to encourage people to go electric than a different colour number plate. Many other councils have already adopted this.

  4. I’d prefer a system for blue badge holders that can park in a disabled space rather than suffering abuse from mothers that have a go at us for parking in parent spaces because there are idiots abusing the system.

  5. That is quite a good idea – and to the person below, yes you should be bothered.

  6. Am cutrently in Austria snd the choice of e-csrs we have seen from all manufacturers puts the UK to shame. We are cycling the Danube Path and every hotel we have stayed at has e-bike and e-car chsrging points there are also charging points throughout the toens and cities we have ridden through.

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