Hall Lane Pitch and Putt TPO confirmed

Following Havering Council’s decision to allow development of the Pitch and Putt course in Hall Lane, despite active objections by Councillors and residents, Cranham Councillors requested a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) be considered for trees meeting the published criteria. 32 trees were identified and we are pleased to report that the TPO has now been confirmed, providing protection for these trees.

During the consultation, several more trees were considered by residents to be worthy of TPO protection. These trees will be inspected by the Council’s Tree Officer and, if considered appropriate, a further TPO will be drafted.


  1. That’s good news!

    Is there any update on who the land was sold to and what the purchase price was?

    • Dear Gary,

      My understanding is that negotiations are still underway with a potential buyer. Details have not been released as far as local councillors are aware.

      Cllr John Tyler

  2. Will that stop the development from happening now ?

    I still don’t understand how this is allowed to go on at all levels.

    This should be protected and opened up as a park if it is not achieving the purpose of mini golf from access / use / monetary points.

    • Dear Karam,

      The protection of trees in itself will not stop the development. It simply means that none of the protected trees may be cut down during the development, unless the developer has received separate permission to remove the protection of an individual tree.

      With regard to preserving the mini golf site, local residents and the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association did everything that we could over the last two years but unfortunately the current council administration were determined to dispose of the site and outline planning permission to build houses on it has now been granted.

      Cllr John Tyler

  3. rumours abound that the pitch and putt have now been sold.
    are there details of the purchaser/developer/agents if true

    • Dear Peter,

      UCRA councillors have made an enquiry to Havering Council, as these rumours are going around. As soon as we know anything, we will update this website and local social media.

      Cllr John Tyler

  4. Is there any update on this ? I used to travel down in the c2c as a boy to go there from Stepney at weekends , I took my son last time it was open a couple of years ago he loved it , it just needed to be run correctly and and looked after better , such a shame it’s on my doorstep now and being taken away , I was talking to my friend a local business man and we said how we could make it so much better for the community and have it open all year round, greed by havering council , if that place was open all year it would be used and the health benefits of parents kids and grandparents and wildlife would out way 37 houses!

  5. Dear Paul,

    Unfortunately, the current council administration are pushing on with the sale of the site for development into residential housing. This is despite the long and protracted efforts of both the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association and local people to prevent this.

    The latest news we have is that the council are in negotiations with a developer. UCRA councillors are continuing to liaise with residents whose gardens surround the site to ensure that their legal access rights are preserved. If we have any further news we will update residents both on this website and in the Bulletin.

    Cllr John Tyler

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