Hall Lane Pitch & Putt Update

The Council has now received an incredible 1074 letters of objection to the planning application to develop the Pitch & Putt in Hall Lane into 48 houses and flats. This is a substantial amount of letters for the Planning Department to process and there are apparently also other outstanding matters regarding the application. It is quite possible that due to the information required, a process of re-consultation with individuals and formal consultees will be necessary.

With regard to the sale of the site (which is a separate matter), at the time of writing no date has been provided for the start of the consultation process. We will highlight this consultation as soon as we become aware of its launch.

The Residents’ Association had received an offer from a professional drone operative to do a survey of the site, including the locations and species of the 82 trees. This has unfortunately been refused by the council. However, these trees are currently being assessed for their amenity value, before the council can reach a view on whether a Tree Preservation Order should be made.

As a separate matter, the impact of the proposed development upon the trees on the site is also being assessed and this includes comments from the Council’s Arboricultural Officer and the Urban Design Officer (who has a landscape architecture background).

We will continue to keep you posted through all of our communication channels as and when information becomes available.

Councillors Gillian Ford, John Tyler & Linda Van den Hende

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