Havering Local Plan public consultation

The new draft Havering Local Plan, which (together with the London Plan and national planning policies) will frame the way new development can take place in Havering over the next decade, has reached its next stage. Following previous proposals and consultations, and instructions from the independent Planning Inspector in charge of the process, Havering Council has started a new public consultation on proposed modifications to the draft plan. The consultation runs from now until 12 October 2020.

When adopted, the new Local Plan will replace the Havering Local Development Framework (2008). It will set out Havering’s planning and regeneration objectives and help to ensure that Havering remains a place where people want to live and work and businesses want to invest. It will also help the Council ensure that Havering has the infrastructure needed to support change in the borough.

Readers can view a timeline of the whole process on the Havering Planning Policy page.

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