Havering’s Residents Associations

Did you know that the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association’s (UCRA) elected councillors are members of a wider organisation of similar groups across Havering?

Called Havering’s Residents Associations, and also known as the H.R.A, members came together in 2019 with the intention of working together to ensure local people are properly represented within Havering Council. Elected councillors from the various H.R.A member associations do not have a ‘whip’ system, unlike national political parties’ councillors, and are therefore free to represent their electorate without being told how to vote.

For further information on the H.R.A, including how to join and stand as a Resident Association candidate at the next local elections in 2022, visit the H.R.A website – www.haveringra.org/  .

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